Would you like to get up on the dance floor and strut your stuff?
“I don’t have a partner to dance with! I have two left feet. Everyone will be a lot younger. They always look so good on “Strictly Come Dancing….
There are always reasons not to take up dancing but you will be missing out on one of the great joys in life.

 Tangoduende was established in Watford in 2002 to help people achieve a dream to dancer .

I take the mystery out of the dance and teach you how to dance Tango that works anywhere in the world. We have a Tango teaching videos page for students to assist on their journey.
I can’t promise you will be a “Strictly” performer but I will be able to get you dancing Tango to the best of your ability.
No learned routines but dance steps that can be mixed and matched to suit your standard. I use a partner rotation system so that you do not have to bring a partner. Check out our picture gallery. There are a few photos taken in the last few years. We have a Facebook page, please visit and like

The courses are structured to increase the standard week by week. Why not join our happy group of dancers, its easier than you think. Details book
The years of teaching different styles gave me the experience to develop a way of teaching that made students enjoy Tango.

 A lot of my students past and present are seen in Milongas here and overseas. You will normally recognise them as the people with a smile on their faces, the ones who will dance with “newbies.

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