Tangoduende was established in 2002. I began teaching workshops, as an extra to the Salsa classes I had been running since 1992. After attending a variety of classes since 1999, I realised that Tango was being taught in a strict, regimented way. Endless hours of walking up and down. If you want to be a professional show dancer, that method is fine. For 99% of social dancers they want to be able to get up and dance at a Milonga. I do emphasize good posture and walking but the simple fact is some people can walk 5000miles and still not be able to walk as a show dancer.
In the beginning, I  was told that Tango was very serious and could only be danced well if you were full of angst.

After chatting with a number of dancers who had been put off by this “boring” teaching method, I set up Tangoduende. The aim was to put the “fun” into the learning process.

The years of teaching different styles gave me the experience to develop a way of teaching that made students enjoy Tango. A lot of my students past and present are seen in Milongas here and overseas. You will normally recognise them as the people with a smile on their faces, the ones who will dance with “newbies”
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